Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Raising Hell

I’m still giving this show a chance guys, but the scenes for this week is still a little sketchy for me since they are so far fetched. Let’s see how it goes!

Shadowhunters - New Key Art

Previously on: Sex. Let’s just replay all the sexy scenes!

Let’s toss and turn, not in a sexy way and do a little add day dreaming lol

Can we just finish this awkward conversation on the bed now please?

I’m still not ok with Simon being so involved into this new world more than Clary is and he isn’t even a vampire yet!


No shirt… Ok then…

Jace isn’t modest… He is confident, love the smirk, not so much the putting on a shirt

Stop being so over dramatic

And Izzy with hardly any clothes on too…

Come at me bro XD omg, no

The Jace and Simon battle continues…

Who the fuck cares about Maureen… No one!

Over 300 years old… Let’s try over 900 years old…

Magnus has a deep mistrust of Shadowhunters…? Um no. Not true! One of his best friends is a Shadowhunter! OMG!

Valentine isn’t trying to kill Magnus…. I’m so confused where this plot line is going…

That fucking necklace! No! No! No! That is Izzy’s! That was passed down to Izzy! WTF?!?!?!?!


Izzy’s room is too flashy…

And Jace just walks in…

Black, black, and more black

Now you teach her what the dagger is after she already killed someone lol

Magnus talks funny… and Lair?

This whole plot line is throwing me for a loop.

Tessa…. Wait what?! Like the Tessa?!

Alec is the most reasonable person in this whole fucking show… I think I said that before, but seriously.

And that Alec smirk, ugh melt my heart!

This whole situation in Simon’s room is just weird. Go away Maureen!

Do not lick the blood….


Izzy would never use the word buzzkill

Exchanging jewelry for memories… not how this is supposed to go… so weird!

Memory Demon… -.-

Magnus offering protection, complete 180!

Also, portals don’t just work like that!


Happiness in a stare!

And then he runs away….

Look bad in front of your bosses… His parents run the institute!

That stare from Alec to Jace… oh the love!

I love that Alec doesn’t call Clary her name…

I’m giggling right now!



The smiles!

The happiness in their eyes! 😀


There is no demon summoning for a LONG time… I don’t like this addition!

You’ve been feeling like crap because your a vampire!

I love that Magnus directs his comments to Alec XD

He gives it to Izzy where it rightfully belongs, and even says so!

And he even asks about ALEC! AH!

Fangirling here right now!

Alec – Pretty boy ❤

There is no such thing as a memory demon… and she just gets her memories back with time…

Also, that Rune shouldn’t hurt like that…


OOOOOO! An Alec and Magnus look!

I love Magnus’ outfit, very fitting

And let’s gyrate our hits while talking…

Alec’s skeptical look when Izzy’s necklace pulses lol

No. Absolutely not. Not doing it. Never. So upset right now.

Alec loving Jace – we all saw that coming!

And the demon trying to take Jace. No.

Love the Magnus sass lol


And Jace is alive.

Magnus trying to get Alec to confess to his urges ha, he just wants him for himself!

Simon goes back to the hotel?

Valentine talking to an illusion… wtf is that?!

Scenes for next week:

It’s all about Alec and Clary… Clary doesn’t get kidnapped, and Simon being held hostage… I’m just more confused now…


Ok… now that that is over, here is my rant of anger:

The whole part with the losing of ones beloved memory thing isn’t supposed to happen till the end of the series, because that is how Magnus shows his love for Alec by losing the memory of Will. Like no. That is not a thing that should have happened. I’m so fucking upset right now it isn’t even funny. Fuck this shit and them doing what ever the fuck they want!


3 thoughts on “Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Raising Hell

  1. I thought that too. For a moment I just watched and didn’t make any commentary, then realized that I had no idea what was going on and had to rewind it. I think they are taking the whole loose plot thing a little too seriously. They characters are acting different and things are happening that shouldn’t be yet. It upsets me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meri

    “Over 300 years old… Let’s try over 900 years old…”
    Umm?? No, he’s not actually. Magnus lies about his age and says he’s older than he really is. Didn’t you know that?

    “Magnus has a deep mistrust of Shadowhunters…? Um no. Not true! One of his best friends is a Shadowhunter! OMG!”
    Um?? What are you talking about? Did you even read the Bane Chronicles? How many times has he complained that shadowhunters treat downworlders badly? That shadowhunters would more likely say thank you to an elevator for getting them to he right floor than a warlock for helping? Did you miss that or?

    “Valentine isn’t trying to kill Magnus…. I’m so confused where this plot line is going…”
    Um, is this a joke? Valentine knows that a warlock gave Jocelyn the potion and therefore he’s hunting all warlocks down. Do I really have to explain everything? Not to mention that YES Valentine wants to kill /all downworlders/ and that includes Magnus.

    I stopped reading your ‘review’ because it’s nonsense… If you don’t like the show that’s fine, but why do you gotta invent shit?


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