Shadowhunter Shenanigans – Episode 5: Moo Shu to Go

Shadowhunters - New Key Art

Previously on: Let’s focuses on what everyone loves, but is too scared to say so.

We are now talking in unison…

Jace is too scared to stand up to Alec. Strong bond that is!

Alec has gone all big brother/father on all their asses!


This is some odd sisterly bonding going on

MAX! Give me Max!

Maryse is like an uber bitch… Like what happened?!

She is more proud of Jace than her own children. It seems more business than family.

So much judgement! The judgement has only ever come on to Alec, not Izzy…


Holy hell not the atmosphere that is meant to be. So much anger!

Experimenting. HA! If only you all knew…

He doesn’t deny the girlfriend comment lol

See what’s funny is that Jace already knew Alec loved him, so this whole conversation just calms the blow for later, but will Jace ever really find out like in the books?

Simon trying to find his roots with Vampires. I love Rafael more and more. You see his heart in the darkness.

Alec training Clary…


Secret missions!

Magnus calling Alec…. And asking him on a date?! Melt my fucking heart!


Wolf just walks into a restaurant…

Brooding hot Alec and a concerned Simon ❤

Yea for Clary calling Alec out! I’m upset that he doesn’t threaten her :[

I love Valentines testing. A lot more brutal than the books, but shows how ruthless he is regardless.


Simon and his Brooklyn home ❤

Simon having the sight and super strength. How is anyone not asking more questions?!

Alec’s just like please get me out of here right now…

I saw hair in the box! I need Jonathan!.

Wait. Did those bows just magically appear?Clary gets kidnapped, great Alec, Jace is going to kill you lol


Don’t worry. The fairies have their own plan.

Alec gets blamed for everything. This isn’t new lol

Both so concerned for their loves!

I hate that Jace and Izzy both blame him so harshly.

The wolves going against Luke – this sets things off badly for the wolves helping Shadowhunters later.

Jace is being too harsh. Alec just cares so much and Jace is losing his temper. This sin’t how their relationship should be…

The wolves aren’t involved in this but for help, I’m confused on where this part of the story is going.

Or the fact that wolves are threatening to kill Simon.


HA! Simon… They have really inexpensive cocktails lol

Creepy Luke…


Izzy to the rescue!

Clary and Simon will always choose each other.

Awww…. Alec you didn’t screw up! :[

Wait. Luke was already supposed to be the leader. He isn’t supposed to challenge the alpha now!

Oh hell no. Jace doesn’t just get to say NO.

Awww he said OUR mother…

Jace is going rogue! They are all supposed to get closer, not further apart!

Scenes for next week: The Jace/Simon showdown continues and Magnus should be healing Alec, not Luke, but I’m glad Alec is there!

This weeks show I have to say was much better than others, but I think that is because the show is going off on it’s own. We aren’t following the books anymore so there isn’t really much I can compare to right now. There are small details that I will definitely nit pick the tiny details as they try to develop the characters more and more, but for right now it’s just kind of it’s own thing so we’ll just have to see where it goes!

P.s. – I find myself spacing out more and more during the show to the point where I’m just like eh if I miss a few seconds it wont’ kill me. I think that’s bad, but :/


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