Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 6 – “Of Men and Angels”

Shadowhunters - New Key Art

Previously On: Alec just does everything wrong…

Now this is Magnus, caring Magnus.

Visions. This show is filled with Visions… so vague!

3… 2… 1… Huh?


Virgin Shadowhunter Energy…

And a pissing contest, multiple pissing contests. Damn boys. Settle down.


Omg he is Max. Omg, no, I can’t love him! And that Smile form Alec, oh so much pain!

Powerful Shadowhunter energy, let’s just leave out the Virgin part lol

Awww, poor Simon. Jace could have gone a little easier on him…


Alec, such a mamas boy

The flashback of Valentine and Jocelyn just doesn’t seem right…

The Lightwood name was destroyed when they followed Valentine… they are all there because the were condemned to the institute…


The Circle basically did win. Valentine got the cup, Jocelyn betrayed him and Valentine faked his death. Luke and Valentine were Parabatai. I wish that was explained…

Alec is finally going rogue!

Simon is going crazy…


Malec ❤

Magnus will do anything to be close to Alec…

Well that worked fast…

There is so much angst towards Izzy and I just don’t understand it. She normally has the most level head and just seems so up in the clouds about things.

That smile! – Swoon over Alec-

Awkward moment. Clary will always choose Simon.

Spit it out man!

Oh Max ❤ Can we just flood the tv show with him?!

This looks like a red room of pain… me mind is start to wonder during this show now :/

There we go explaining everything! This is along the right lines of where we should be.

Experiment with downworlder blood, let’s try some angel and demon blood…


Valentine and Jocelyn loved each other, truly, and I love that they show that and that Clary understands that. That even though Valentine went bad, he wasn’t always like that.

I don’t like that clary didn’t know her mother was an artist, that was the whole point of their relationship was that they had an artists connection.


Fancy Izzy… Don’t know how I feel about that one.

Drink break!

Mmmmmmmm 😀 Hell yea you’re being coy!

Stupid fucking phone. No. I need my Malec!

I swear that smile is going to fucking kill me!

Oh Jonathan. :]

Oh honey, your power wasn’t inherited. Technically.

Scenes for Next Week: I’m so confused?! Everything isn’t real!

I feel like the show is going through a repeat stage of run around, run around, angst, angst, new things, more angst, more running around. There isn’t much happening besides trying to fill in plot holes when the next big thing happens. The battle between Simon and Jace is very overbearing. They truly don’t mind each other and the rip between Jace and Alec is one I don’t like. No matter what they were always there for each other. I feel like everyone is so divided right now and all over the place when they actually didn’t really leave each others side for months, well except Simon.


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