Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 7 – “Major Arcana”

Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 7: “Major Arcana”

Previously On: I swear this whole show is just about Alec now lol

Lovey dovey looks everywhere. We are in the middle of a freaking war, stop those eyes.

Magnus understood that reference lol

Wtf is happening. Who is in bed. OMG no. Wtf is happening?! I’m so confused!

Like Fifty Shades amazing?! WTF?! I’m not ok with life right now.

Oh hell no. So much wrong things are happening right now. This needs to stop.


What the hell is happening with Izzy. I don’t like where her storyline is going. She doesn’t ever need to change.

“Help treat wounds” humph.

Cocktails, ha!

Thank you Alec for telling Izzy she doesn’t need to change. Alec knows who exactly Izzy is ❤

XD That look on Jace’s face. Oh how long has she just been waiting to slap him?!


Awww Jace looks so cute trying to justify himself. And yes she does fall for the bad boys. ;]

Let’s watch vampire movies to see if I am becoming a vampire. Because you are totally becoming a vampire, but you can’t become one  yet, and if you do before you are reconnected with Rafael I will be pissed!

Everything is just so wrong with Simon right now…


The slight smirk on Alec’s face at the mention of Magnus.

He will never let Clary live down that slap lol

Everyone just keeps dying!


“Simon, can we have a talk…” Ha, how to come out to your mother that you’re a vampire.

Spazzing out, more than normal lol

Dying… if you only knew!

Such the rational sister. I loved her in the books, and I still love her.

Crazy fucking Simon. He needs to get with Rafael soon.

Drawing runes isn’t intimate. Stop making it like sex people.

Izzy making Alec sexy, please, please, please!

Alec doesn’t know how to flirt… it’s so sad.

I don’t really know about Clary’s power. It isn’t the same, so I don’t really know how it works, granted she doesn’t either, but it was extremely simple before…


Welcome vampire Simon. A little premature, but I guess we’ll just have to deal.

You pick like the WORST time to stop and apologize…

Clary isn’t just a job lol


Run. Well at least that is what Clary does best…

Um… So the cup sin’t like this magical thing that can ward off demons… like just saying…

A little dramatic much mom…

Reg flags! HA! She almost thought it was really him. Proud of her!


Alec is impressed, finally! 😀

I can’t stop laughing. She is the only thing that matters, and is about to send out a search party, runs into his arms. HA!

Oh. She initiates the kiss, well that wasn’t expected…

Great kiss though. Long awaited, but great kiss…

Simon needs answers, and he needs them now!

Scenes for Next Week: Whoa. Alec has his shirt open! Simon is being buried and Rafael better be there!

The story is finally going along the right lines, things a little bit more sped up, but they are getting better.


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