#MCM: The Twilight/Fifty Shades Five Week Saga – Jasper Hale! <3

We are going into a new direction these next couple of week with my #MCMs. I want to delve into the world that is Twilight, and with that also comes the world of Fifty Shades of Grey. Over the next five weeks I will go through and choose different characters from each novel that I love and think are totally looked over because all anyone can think about is either Edward or Christian.

We are going to start this month off right with my favorite character from both of these novels, Jasper Hale.

Out of the whole family I think that Jasper is the most overlooked, even though he plays a major part in the lives of Edward and Bella, especially when he attacks Bella, but yet he kind of just get the brush off. This bothers me a lot since I absolutely love him, and not just because I always identified with Alice, but because Jasper loves her with his whole heart, and she loves him even through the bad times.

In the books Jasper is the guy who can’t control himself, which I still don’t understand since it has been over 50 years, but maybe I don’t know anything since I’m not a vampire, but whatever. He is also one of the guys with the worst past. Jasper has always had it bad and has the scars to prove it, and the kill count too.

In the movies Jasper seems weaker than I think he is. He always looks pained, but in reality it is Alice who brought hope to him, and has change a lot in his life so that he does not regret what he has done, so he shouldn’t be pained. As the movies went on though his character did get better, but in truth – I’m totally going to say this and don’t be mad because I LOVE Jackson Rathbone, but… – I think the acting sucked ass. Like Jasper could have been SOOOOO much better, and then he just fell flat… I think this also has to do with the directing and the direction they went with his character, but still, BLAH.


Jasper doesn’t talk much, but here is my favorite thing about Alice and Jasper!



Lastly, even though I love Jackson, he just wasn’t Jasper material. I truly think that the physicality of Jasper would be better with Evan Peters, and personally I think the personality would be better too. Evan has been in very timid roles before where he is angry, but in the background a lot. He does brooding extremely well! ❤



P.s. – Like my Facebook still says this from high school so I’m going to leave it here as well ❤



One thought on “#MCM: The Twilight/Fifty Shades Five Week Saga – Jasper Hale! <3

  1. Jasper is my favourite character in the twilight series. He was always just in the background but seemed to influence everyone a lot.

    Since you like the twlight series, you may want to try the Eden series, the first one is Eternal Eden, quite similar although theey are not vampires but some of the characters are very similar, I love the series, especially the third book. The first one is free on the kindle. 🙂


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