Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 8 – “Bad Blood”

Sorry this is so late! I have had an awesome three days off and am just now getting around to watching this weeks episode! ❤

Shadowhunters - New Key Art

Previously on: At least this weeks recap is basically about important things like The Cup and Family

Heels…. Always heels with Izzy, glad they kept that!

Of course Jace agrees with Clary… Where is my hot guy with a backbone?!

Oh thank god it is Rafael!


I like that they made a nod to Rafael’s religion, but I don’t like that Clary is blaming him.

The whole explanation for this scene is wonderful especially for those who haven’t read the books. We are getting on the right page now with this show.

Valentine speaking to Jocelyn is kind creepy.

“But we’re Lightwoods” has no one told them what their parents did?!

The more I think about it the more I wonder what else they are going to fast forward to since Simon changing isn’t until the second book…

Wtf?! Is Valentine doing walking into the Institute?!

Who is she… wait what………. Who? I don’t know this character!


What is happening with life, why is the Institute being taken over?!

Wait we are telling Simons mom that he is dead… what about how to tell your mom your a vampire?!

There we go with the uneasiness about The Circle!

Oh the bird story. Bits and pieces of the book, bits and pieces.

-I’m going to admit this here that I totally spaced during the whole Jade Wolf scene, because it seemed boring, well except that ending part!-

That look! OMG that look from Alec about his parents!

Finally someone said it!


Quite magical. HA!

You don’t get to mention Henry when you aren’t a real person!

But thank you for mentioning that they were the ones to invent to portal! ❤ Much love there!

Stop being so mellow dramatic. He isn’t “dead” yet.

I love that Magnus can talk to Izzy about Alec ❤

No wife for Alec! NO!

You can still see him even though he is a Downworlder… This isn’t like the times with The Circle.


I’m really happy that Rafael has been here the whole time while Simon has been going through this.

Oh hell Alec… with no shirt on…

Those eyes on Magnus! I swear it is all about the eyes on this episode!

Rafael going against Camille ❤ Thank god someone has some sense!

Hmmm…. I don’t think Camille would have just let a Shadowhunter hit her. She ain’t that kind of woman.

“The Law is Hard, But It is the Law.”

Good man Alec for sticking with your parents.

Just bury him and get it over with so he can be Daylighter Simon soon!


What the fuck is going on?!


Not cool with life right now.

Get off your knee Alec.


I’m not ok!


Who cares about Simon any more, go back to Alec!

Oh wait, but here is Vampire Simon! ❤

She shouldn’t be so surprised, but I mean he is a vampire…


And Izzy figures it out!

Oh look, there’s Hodge again! Where the hell has he been?

This is why Arrows aren’t always practical… Get a real weapon Alec, or learn to use it like book Alec can!

This whole scene with Simon reveals so much about Rafael. Simon is so freaking out, but Rafael is like you barely have it bad. You have someone who will fight for you an love you. Like Magnus did him…

Scenes for next week: Simon is not bad. Stop making him bad!

I saw so much promise during this episode. There was so much Shadowhunter history in it and things directly from the book. Btu then they went and made up a new character who is taking over the Institute. Why do people think they need to change something that was already amazing?


9 thoughts on “Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 8 – “Bad Blood”

  1. Not going to lie, I have been looking forward to this post since yesterday and worried it wasn’t going to come, haha! I love hearing your thoughts as they basically reflect my thoughts. To be honest, this episode didn’t grip me very much. I think I might need to try and rewatch it as I feel like I missed a few bits!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This made me whole freaking day so you know lol. I felt the same way. The only parts that I paid attention to were ones that I knew from the books. The new stuff is just blah to me. I found my thoughts wondering and checking Facebook a lot too. I rewound things multiple times which is not good….


  3. Lol I would rewatch it then because I found after a while I only commented on the good parts lol other parts I was just like eh. No one will notice if I skip this because it doesn’t actually matter. But Alec proposing. So not cool.


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