Authors in the City 2016 <3

So you all know that I went to my first book signing yesterday and granted I didn’t take a lot of photos because I truly just wanted to enjoy the experience. It was amazing. Like I never never felt so overwhelmed and anxious all at the same time, but for a good reason!



I was able to snag some awesome books… Like a lot, and for such great prices and even got some great swag as well. These authors were wonderful to get to meet and I got to have so many conversations with them, even ones about Disney!




They LOVED the goodie bags that I brought for them and I just couldn’t get over the smiles on their faces. I don’t have another signing to go to until August so I will make sure that I am more prepared because apparently it would have been better to have business cards or something with my blog on it, but I never thought about it. I’m so content with word of mouth especially since it has gotten my blog so far that I didn’t think it would be important, but so many authors didn’t care and took down my information immediately. It made my heart swell.

Now there was one author who I met yesterday who just made my year. Staci Hart was at the signing and as you all know Staci has been all over my blog form reviews to author spotlights, to interviews. The reaction and the love and everything about meeting her was perfection and I will admit I totally fan girled. Such an amazing woman and I was so lucky to finally have been able to met her! ❤


P.s. – She also gives the BEST swag ever! ❤



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