Matching Mr. Right by Tamra Baumann


Purchased: $3.99 [Received ARC from author in exchange for an honest review]

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

Shelby Marx helps clients find on-line love by day, but at night she writes children’s books featuring a naughty monkey named Chester. The monkey constantly seeks forgiveness, just as Shelby struggles to forgive herself for a tragic childhood accident that stole everyone she loved. Now she yearns to create a new family. Unfortunately, the man she has targeted to move to Happily-Ever-After with thinks of her as a little sister. But Shelby has a plan.

Business guru, Nick Caldwell, wants nothing to do with forever after’s and white picket fences, but in order to save his sister’s floundering matchmaking business, he goes undercover to spy on her biggest competitor. While posing as the world’s most difficult client to obtain Shelby’s matchmaking secrets, Nick accidentally falls hard for Shelby. But she has another man in her long-term plans. Can he borrow a trick or two from mischievous Chester to win Shelby’s heart?

Description taken from Amazon.

The Best Parts:

This book is a wonderful rom com. It is light hearted and makes you swoon with anticipation. The characters are so much fun to read, especially Emily and Jo, even though they are secondary characters. The chemistry between Nick and Shelby flies off the page and hits you right in the heart. Nick is a guy that means well, but in the end he is just another guy who thinks he knows what is best, but doesn’t know any better. It makes you on edge every second because you don’t know what is coming next, but you do and then you want to punch something and then you swoon a little more, and then, well then you get all hot and bothered because those kisses. Nick’s kisses. Hot. Like hot that they don’t even have to be “on screen” and still be awesome. All the fact that he is so sweet to Shelby and loves Emily so much.

So basically what you all can get from this book is that it is basically setting up your prince charming and what you should expect from a man who has manners and loves his family so much. Nick is the kind of man ever girl deserves.

The Worst Parts:

The one thing that I had trouble getting around was the relationship with Greg. I know that Shelby liked Nick, but she wanted Greg for so long that I didn’t think it like her to just be like ok I’m going to give him up and go after Nick. It seemed a little rushed and the fact that Greg was like ok do what you have to do and then never mentioned again made it almost like his character wasn’t even a necessity to Nick and Shelby being together.

Final Thoughts:

The alternating persons in this book is wonderful, but very different from other ones that I have read since it is still in third person even though it is alternating. As well since it is still third person there are things that we still aren’t privy to and this makes great for anticipation. It is a quick read that will leave you satiated at the end of the day.


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