#MCM: Week 2 and 3 wrapped all in one! Elliot Grey and Emmett Cullen

Sorry this is so late guys, but don’t worry, today you get TWO # MCMs!

We are going to do a side by side #MCM today to make up for last week, but here is the thing though we are going to be looking in to basically the same characters. Emmet Cullen and Elliot Grey. I was going to do these men separate because I love them for completely different reason, but since Elliot is Emmett, why not just compare and contrast the two!

So first we will start YA and go with Emmett. He is the brooding hot guy who would stand in the corner of a party, but if he knew you then he would be all yours for the night. His personality to rambunctious and very much the jokester of everyone in the family. Emmett is also one who won’t speak with words but with actions.

This is almost polar opposite of who Elliot is. He is the life of the party and the center of attention to everyone. He is the one who you want to be seen with at the party and he will do everything in his power to let everyone know that he is with you. Elliot is one who uses words more than actions as his favorite catch phrase is one that readers connect with Christian rather than Elliot, “Laters, Baby.

The physicality for both of these characters are the same though. The tall, muscular figure, and wide shoulders. Only difference is that Emmett has dark brown curly hair and Elliot’s curly hair is blonde. I guess everything can’t be the same when you write fan fiction lol.

I love it though that each man loves his woman and only her, granted Elliot was a bad boy at first and slept with a lot of women, but when Kate came into his life, that was his life. The same for Emmett and Rosalie.

I love each of these characters for completely different reason, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with who was casted for each of these roles, because no. Yes, but no. Kellan Lutz would have made a perfect Elliot, but as Emmett all washer out and dark hair just didn’t suit him at all, he looked like a completely different actor. Now for Emmett I would have to choose Darin Brooks. Dark hair super hot, granted no muscles, but he is just the jokester that that movie needed ❤

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4 thoughts on “#MCM: Week 2 and 3 wrapped all in one! Elliot Grey and Emmett Cullen

  1. I liked the emmett in the earlier films, int the later ones he got too muscluar and it just looked unnatural. BTW did you come up with the MCM? You mind if I do it too, I’ll link to your blog?

    Emmett is just like a big brother in the books, he has a twisted sense of humour but is very protective.

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  2. See what’s funny is that the actor who plays him is actually that muscular! But he has grown into the muscles which is ten times better now lol

    And it was just something that I decided to do one day, if you would like to totally go ahead and do it too! We need more underated characters out there!

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