Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 10 – This World Inverted

Shadowhunters - New Key Art

So I’m going to start off by saying that I think this episode is stupid and unneeded and why are we going into an alternate dimension?!

Previously on: Let’s look at all the Downworlders there are in this damn show, and then show how we betray our friends.

I truthfully don’t know what to type out for this commentary because everything that is happening in this episode is brand new to everyone so I’ll place my comment in, but there probably won’t be as many as normal.

Could you be more vague lol you just described a seelie to the tee.


Ha. Simon walking into the werewolf joint. Perfect. I can’t wait for Jordan and Mia ❤

Vampire puberty.

OMG her hair is so orange…. Like it’s dark but it glows… weird…

So I was going to comment on Clary attacking alternate Valentine, but then the trailer for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children came on and I gave up on all thoughts lol


I have no idea what I just watched.

WTF are we arresting Izzy for?! You bitch!

OMG nerd Izzy! WTF?!

Uber gay Alec.

Like life right now! OMFG Star Wars shirt on Izzy! I’m crying right now from happiness!

What is life?!

Why is this happening, omg, so much happiness and confusion right now lol

Simon is cool and Izzy is fangirling. Life in complete.


Chairman meow and Church ❤

Yes the engagement is off! It should never have been on! -.-

Trade the cup for Izzy’s freedom? Nope. Don’t like the sound of that.

Oh so close, but NOT! 😀

Non-crazy Magnus is just not right…

Stop yelling at your family Alec! No one likes you anymore!


Simon the torturer?

Shots fired and Simon is on the ground and Luke taking charge. Great good guy/ bad guy!

This whole party is like… WHAT….?!

The blurry vision on the TV is giving me a headache. Like I get it she is falling into the dimension, but don’t make it so hard on the eyes!

Jace is dead to me…. NO!

I think they just like Alec taking off his shirt…

Fuck this shit, and the pain, and why are you doing this Alec?!

HA Alternate universe Alec is so turned on by Magnus. YES!

Some things are being saved here and it isn’t even the real stuff! Lol

Ha and Alec using Magnus’ lines!

And now she is lost to the world…

And now I am distracted by Alice Through the Looking Glass….


Jealous Jace. Ha.

And then let’s just slap Jace awake lol

So over dramatic…


I don’t feel sorry for you at all Alec. You fucked up.

It sounds like she is saying Jason, not Jace.

Oh yea, get behind the wounded Shadowhunter… Smart idea there.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. NO. Not happening, are we going to gloss over the fact that Clary and Jace once thought that they were siblings…. I’m so confused!

Scenes for next week: No choosing sides! That is not what this is about?! And season finale in two episodes?! WTF?!?!?!

I have no idea where the hell this plot if going anymore. Cleary we have gone full blown off script for the rest of this damn show.


14 thoughts on “Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 10 – This World Inverted

  1. I thought the whole going to another dimension thing was pointless too. However, the ending was good in the way that it explains how Jace wouldn’t have recognised Valentine as his father. If Shadowhunters can change their appearance, like Lydia did, perhaps when he was with younger Jace, Valentine changed into who Jace recognises as his father. And as enjoyable as it was basically seeing Alec and Magnus switch places in the other dimension, we could have easily done without it. If they were going to go to where Valentine is hiding out, why couldn’t Meliorn just portal them directly there?! I absolutely hate what is going on with Alec and Jace at the moment, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sure, they’re acknowledging the parabatai bond, but it’s as if they don’t understand it.

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  2. I can see the whole thing with Jace and his father, but it just seems weird. Maybe I’m being picky since this whole plot is changing lol. I completely agree about Malec. Like I want real Malec, not fake one -.- And I also hate Jace and ale’s relationship. I don’t know if the directors understand the Parabatai bond at all. Like please read The Infernal Devices series if you need a lesson in it please! I’m very frustrated especially in the scenes saying the season finale was almost here, wtf if supposed to happen in a few more episodes?! Like there is so much that DIDN’T happen, and so many new things that did. Also they were renewed for a second season and I just don’t know what is going to happen anymore. I feel like this show lost what the books created.


  3. It is, it’s all completely unnecessary. Things would make a whole lot more sense if they followed the plot in the book. I know, they basically took us to a perfect dimension where all are ships are either together or potentially getting together. They really don’t! Like the only way to break the bond is if one of them dies. And they should probably read Lady Midnight too, haha! It also seems like Clary’s focus is finding Valentine. Uh no, Clary’s focus has always been getting her mother back first. I know, the series finale isn’t too far away,but so much hasn’t happened, or things have happened, but in the wrong way. I’m glad it’s been renewed as hopefully they’ll see everyone’s thoughts and be able to turn things around next season.


  4. I completely agree with everything you just said! lolI really hope that they do some research in the downtime of producing and find out how the fans really reacted to the novel. I know i have seen so many good things said about this show, but then you read what they say and they either haven’t read the novels or have only read the one series or are reading it along with the show. Then you have the die hard fans who are fucking pissed. They need to learn a little before continuing I think.

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  5. Haha! Yes, me too! Aha, I wonder what it’s like for those who are watching it without any prior knowledge of the series. Yeah, like fair enough if they don’t want to follow the books, like the Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, but the reason those shows work is because they went in a different direction that worked well for the show. However it is also very different because all the Shadowhunter books are better than the Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars books, haha!

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  6. I totally agree! But the Vampire Diaries and PLL don’t have as big of fan base I think and when the shows came out the series were still being written so things were still up in the air. This series is done, like all completely set in stone, which is why it bothered me a lot when they used things from the last book in like the second and third episode. I don’t know where this show is headed, but for me it is headed down hill, and fast.


  7. Really? I always had the impression they had a large fan base. However, I don’t think many of these fans are from the books. Also, people haven’t been particularly happy with the latest season of both these shows so those fan bases are definitely dropping! Yes that’s a good point, they could still make improvements judging from the audiences reactions. Yes, and I hate how now Lady Midnight is out it has reminded us of certain things about the whole world and how wrongly they’ve gone about things. I don’t understand how runes work in the show haha. Because series one was all done at once, as long as when they create series two they’re taking into account things the fans have said then it could be promising.

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  8. They aren’t from the books. A lot of friends who I know love the shows haven’t read the books. I gave up on PLL even though I didn’t read the books and I’m about to give up on VD. They are stretching it was too far now. They just don’t know when to stop.

    He release of Lady Midnight should have made this show sky rocket and it didn’t. They literally have so much text to work with and they choose to use nothing. I hate runes in this show. They are stupid and are right at all. I think they will listen but the problem is, is that they have done so much damage and gone so far away they would have to reloop to get back on track. When we all asked to have this series as a TV show we all though please make all the images in my head go to screen finally! Not make up your own damn TV show.


  9. Haha, I feel that was a good decision on their part to be honest. Though the only reason I watched TVD is because I read the books. I loved Pretty Little Liars and during a hiatus I missed the show so I read the books. In both situations the show is better even if they are going downhill now. I gave up with TVD at the beginning of season seven, they should have just ended it with Nina’s departure. I know, though Clare’s books are all so much better than the TVD and PLL books so the show does have a lot to live up to, haha! Yeah, like somethings the probably won’t be able to correct, like they can’t suddenly change the way runes work next season. Haha yes!

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  10. Ugh it’s like you are my fandom soul mate here lol. Yes to everything! They should have finished it with Nina’s leaving and they still would have been great because this season is just nonsense and annoying. The shows were better than the books for those, I think because the gradually changed it to fit the audience, but this one is just all change every episode and nothing is sticking. They did change the way runes work from episode one to two which is good, but they should have done more research. Like even reading the Shadowhunter Codex would have been helpful if they didn’t want to read the books!


  11. Haha! Yeah and the only really important parts of each episode is the last like ten minutes but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. That early on you can get away with it though, I didn’t notice haha. But they just like hold the stele over their skin like it scanning them and it’s just weird. To be honest, they should have read it all haha. I mean if you’re going to adapt from a book, read the necessary books. Even City of Bones isn’t enough because they need to have an idea where the series is going.

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  12. I HATE that they do that with the last ten minutes. I find myself drifting off during the middle of the show because it just goes flat. And you know the more I think about it I think they did read the books, or at least the last book especially with that memory demon and the fact that they used it so early on and they knew the importance of what memories they were giving away, but they still get the point that it wasn’t about Alec’s feelings for Jace it was Magnus’ sacrifice of Will and not Alec. Ugh just so many things!


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