One-Click Saturday! <3

So as you all can already see I didn’t do a TBR yesterday because I haven’t read any novel on my TBR. I am currently reading ARCs right now. I know I know I said I wouldn’t but these ones are different. These ones are by authors who I love and have read before and are books I have been waiting for. So here is a list of the books that I have one-clicked this week. Not a lot, but totally worth it, I promise ;]

Teacher: A Student/Teacher Romance by Ella Emerson – $.99

Love Always, Kate (Love Always Series Book 1) by D. Nichole King – Free!

The Fire Between High and Low by Brittany Cherry – $2.99

Soaked by Stacy Kestwick – $3.99


Hustler by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince – $3.99 [Pst… The cover made me do it…]

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 & 2 by J.K. Rowling – Amazon – $17.99


The Art of Us by Teri Wilson – Amazon – $12.99


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