Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Episode 12 – Malec <3

Shadowhunters - New Key Art

Previously On: All about relationships… or sinking ships, whichever you prefer…

No blue. Gold. All the Gold!

Isolated Jace is not a fun Jace…


She’s supposed to be in a hospital -.-

OH! Alec having a heart finally…

Malec… ❤ It’s the name of the damn episode… There better be a kiss!

Did Magnus’ hair get better?

Confusion, frustrations… kissing… all the same… ;]

Alec and his blue… ugh! They are standing so close!

Magnus will never back off!

What happened to the Alec who went back to Magnus after first meeting him and kissed him?! [If you haven’t read that scene it is deleted and here on Clare’s website!]

Awwww, getting the poor boys hopes up.


Major plot heartbreak.

WAIT. We are already going to see Ragnor?!


So much is happening………..

So much hostility…

So much confusion…

What is happening?!



Absolutely not.





NO. No book of the white. Not happening.

There we go. Good and dead.

Hey! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Ragnor, but he is NOT a part of this plot line. Needed to go. Much love ❤

But wait… Sebastian…? Where is Sebastian?!


Jace being a hot head, there’s a mole in the institute and just pure insanity to this plot line…

By the angel! ❤

EVERYONE knows about Malec. Let’s be real here.

I can’t trust you Lydia because you’re not real. Go away.


Oh Simon looks so sleek and hot and ugh, SIZZY. Give it to me!

WTF. Nope. I have no idea what is happening right now.

Magnus and Camille. A wonderful relationship…

Is he crazy, hallucinating? I give up.

Sexy times…? Maybe…?

Nope. Just Jace. LAME.

Alec is agreeing to everything you are saying.. Jace you’re an idiot. Now Alec you say the same things back.

You’re not sick. I promise.

LOVE how Alec is talking to Jace about Clary, but he is really talking about Magnus ❤


Is that gold. It better be fucking gold. It’’s shimmery….

And in comes Simon…

Izzy is wearing the right color.

I can’t tell if Lydia is… Is that white, or gold, or what? It sparkles… Cream with gold… I mean I guess we can have that, but I would have preferred it to be over the top gold…


So much freaking out right now! 😀

The look on Alec’s face! OMG! YES!


Oh he looks so fucking scared!

HA! The look on her face, but she quickly recovered.

Go get him Alec!

So much happiness!

Go away mom!


That smile from JACE!

That kiss omfg fucking god.

NO. No commercials… I rewound it…

Ok it was ten times better the second time. That pause to look in his eyes, omg. Swoon! Omfg I’m lightheaded and so happy and omg I am saving this episode for forever!


Ha dude your moms not happy… whatever!

And Simon fangirling!

And he is totally reenacting what we all just did to the screen and all the feels we felt!

Goodbye Lydia!

Camille will always come back to haunt us lol

Weakling… Now to wonder who stole it. Oh that’s right the traitor!


I want the real Jonathan ❤

You. You are Jace Herondale. Forever.

Happiness then oh shit.

She sin’t even upset it’s a dude, but a downworlder lol

HA. He looks so flustered. AWWWW.

This is so fucking cute. OMG. So damn cute!

Finally we get to Hodge’s real reason for being at the institute.

Scenes for next week: I don’t really know how I feel about the finale focusing on Jace being bad/evil when he’s not…


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