Filthy by J.L. Beck

Filthy by J.L. Beck


Purchased: Kindle – $.99

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

“It’s yours if you want it.” I spoke softly, a mischievous grin on my face.

“Is it mine Mia?” He questioned. I could see the danger in his eyes the fire between us was on the verge of sparking. Did I want to be that one match needed to blow everything up.

Hell f*cking yes I did.

“We will find out after you f*ck me.”


Talon Reed was filthy.

His mouth was filthy.

The way he f*cked was filthy.

He was a dirty boy, and I wanted him.

Every. Single. Long. Inch.

That was until I found out my mom was marrying his father and he would be my new stepbrother.

See that was a line I didn’t cross. Or so I thought.

Turns out I wanted Talon just as much as he wanted me, and maybe that was the problem from the start.

18+ ONLY for explicit sex, language, and violence. Is a full length standalone novel with a HEA.”

Description taken from Amazon.

The Best Parts:

The premise for the story line I think is great. I have read a lot of Step-Brother romances, but I haven’t read one with tension like this. There is so much hate and backstory, that you just want to smack both of these characters upside the head.

The sex was pretty awesome too.

The Worst Parts:

Now after saying that I will say before the rest of this that the author tells you straight up it is a short and quick love story, but I truly wish it wasn’t. This story could have been so much better than it was. I think with how much backstory was set up it needed to be longer. The healing process for both characters was just too fast.

The story of their parents also wasn’t very realistic especially at the end. That was a little out of the plot line for me.

Now something else that kept me out of the story was the editing. I normally don’t let that affect me when reading a book, but there was a lot of mistakes that got overlooked in the final edits. Also, not just the editing but the language itself was very juvenile. It said that these kids were at “University” but like actual college, or is that just a fancy word for high school? There were also too many references to today’s pop culture and if you are going to reference it then you should probably spell it right… It’s Shadowhunters, not The Shadow Hunters. Again this shouldn’t affect me at all, and it really doesn’t but it does.

I know this is tearing down the book more than I hoped, but when I bought this book I was all for it and all over that shit. Like I WANTED this book, and then it got banned on Amazon and then came back up so I was able to buy it and then I was just a little let down. :/

Final Thoughts:

This story was good, but just didn’t hit the mark for great. I haven’t read anything else from this author, but even this book won’t detour me. If her other books have this good of sex I will probably give them a try at least.

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