Blackmailing the Virgin by Alex Riley – Review

Blackmailing the Virgin by Alexa Riley


Purchased: Kindle – $.99 [Received ARC in exchange for honest review]

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

When Calder Cox sees Felicity for the first time, he has to have her. There’s nothing that will hold him back…until he finds out she’s his lawyer’s daughter. 

Felicity Chandler is graduating college soon but has no idea what she wants to do. While playing her violin one night, she sees Calder and feels instantly drawn to him. But when he tries to keep his distance, she doesn’t know what to do with all of her feelings. 

Calder can’t be held off much longer, and when his control snaps, there are consequences. Felicity might be trying to run, but he’ll make sure she stays…even if he has to blackmail her to do it. 

Warning: This is an Alexa Riley Promise, so it’s over the top, contains no cheating, and will always come with an HEA. It’s ridiculous baby-making drama that’s packed full of heat.

Description taken from Amazon.

The Best Parts:

I was blown away by this story. If you think you have read a novella story that was perfect you haven’t read this.

Calder and Felicity’s story is a full one. Granted it’s extremely short, but you get it all. And I mean ALL. We get to see them meet, and their first kiss and even their first love, but then of course someone always has to screw something up, but that’s where these short stories normally stop and just fast forward. Not this one.

We get to see the fight and the pain and then the outcome, and then the reactions from all parties. It is a full length novel summed up in the span of just an hour of reading.

The Worst Parts:

I wouldn’t change anything about this story.

Final Thoughts:

If you want alpha male then Calder is the man for you! Join him and Felicity on their wild rider and you won’t be disappointed ❤

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