#MCM: Henry Sturges

I’m moving back to a comfortable zone for me and that is vampires. Except for focusing on teenage kids who are vampires I want to focus on an older vampire. One who helped a president weed out the horrible people in his lives and the vampires who were destroying the world. You may ask who this vampire is, and let me tell you just who Henry Sturges is.

From Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Henry is the man who MADE Abraham Lincoln. Well the fiction Abraham. Henry is the man who we are first introduced and who the story is mainly told through. Even though Henry is mainly selfish in his endeavors, his priorities to dethrone the evil vampires running ramped throughout the US is to save the country.

Now enough about the serious stuff. Henry doesn’t just live by vampire law, but also the law of man. He is sex crazed and hormonal beyond belief. Granted this is after his love has been torn from him ad then turned into a vampire so that the man who kill his woman couldn’t be killed by Henry himself. Messed up, right? That is why I say when Henry was selfish it wasn’t unwarranted.

Vampires normally are hotheaded, but even though Henry can be, it doesn’t mean he can’t be a good person. As Abraham is leading his life through presidency Henry does offer him the life and the chance to live forever, but Abraham has other plans.

Henry has continued his life after Abraham and began traveling which leads to the sequel novel The Last American Vampire. Who else would you want defending your country other than a hot, serious, and in love vampire?

So the quotes I’m going to pull from Henry are from the movie rather than the book because the actor who plays Henry is fucking hot ❤



Now since I already said this dude was hot might as well show you the full him rather than just screen shots. Dominic Cooper ❤



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