The Bookworm Box May Box Reveal!

Alright guys I have another book reveal box for you all! This one is going to be a little bit different because this box has a little bit more meaning to it.

The Bookworm Box is a company that bases their sales for charity and set up by author Colleen Hoover. So what I have for you is a description from the company itself, because who can say it better than them?!

The Bookworm Box was built on the foundation of spreading the good, so 100% of the profit after overhead costs will be donated to different charities each month. We are in the process of obtaining our official 501c3 status.  If you have a charity in mind, please complete the donation form under the “Board” tab on this website. Please note that the charity you suggest must be an established charity and cannot be an individual. Due to the amount of requests we receive, we will not respond to notify you if the charity you suggested has been chosen as a featured charity. We will update charities prior to the months they will be featured.

This is my second box form them, the firs tI loved! And the second here I almost had a heart attack lol. Granted this box is a little more expensive at $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping, with all the proceeds going to charity I felt no guilt with buying this one.

So let’s get a look at this awesome box!


This box is so freaking adorable. From the color to the logo. You know exactly what is coming to you when you check the mail!


When you open the box you are greeted with a wonderful note from Colleen Hoover. Did I mention that this is her company?! With this paper it is laid out the thank you for the support and the authors for their donations.

It also states which charities this months proceeds are going to.

What was also cool about this months box was that The Bookworm Box has been open for a year now and has raised half a million dollars. That is AMAZING!

Now that we know where the wonderful money went to we get to see what is in this box!


So Much More by Kim Holden and King by T.M. Frazier

Like holy shit these books. Omg my excitement when I uncovered them. Like I caressed them. So beautiful. Both of these books are signed – not personalized.


Inside the rest of the box came multiple book marks from various authors. A Bookworm Box magnet, kindle holder, pen, and bag clip. A “Help my boyfriends is a fiction character” paperclip. There was also an awesome coupon from Doodles by Christina for a buy one get one.

If you would like to purchase one of these boxes on June 12th they will be adding new subscribers! Here is the link!

If a subscription is not what you want then there is another option right now!

Click the link here to go to their shop. They have tons of swag you can buy, but they also sometimes have extra boxes to buy if you just want a one time one. They still have some April boxes for sale right now!

Thank you guys for sticking around this long and please be sure to check out this wonderful company ❤


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