#MCM: Jem Carstairs

Men and boys. Two words that mean the same gender, but ultimately mean completely different personalities. Now I’ve talked a lot about boys turning into men in this segment, but today I want to talk to you about a man, that even when he was a boy, he was a man. Now you are thinking, what literary man could she be talking about? Well that man is Jem Carstairs.

Jem, even though not technically a secondary character, is secondary to Will in the Infernal Devices series. So I want to talk about him today. Not his relationship with Tessa, nor his relationship with Will. I want to talk about the man who has always been a man and what made him become a man at such a young age.

Jem lived a pretty normal young life as a Shadowhunter, but at the ripe age of twelve his parents were ripped from his grasp by a greater demon. It wasn’t jsut enough that Jem had his parents stolen from him, but that his life was too when the demon poisoned him with yin fen. It is basically as addictive demon poison, that Jem would then have to spend the rest of his life taking in order to survive.

This is the paradox of Jem’s life. In order to live he must survive on a drug that is slowly killing him. Even with this Jem opened his heart to those around him. He never let his pain and suffering show in front of others, because even in the darkest point in his life he still brought light to others.

He wanted others to stop living their lives to find a cure for him, so when Jem finally went it was the worst thing to happen in every ones life. The boy who had so little time, but was so mature that he was truly a man to everyone and in that maturity he made a choice. One that would allow him to still be there for his friends and family, but to also continue to help others. Jem became a Silent Brother. He wouldn’t be able to see Will and Tessa as much any more but he would be able to still protect all of those he loved.

Now who is ready to hear some of the wisest words from this wonderful man? Because if you haven’t read this series you should know that this man, he is young, so so very young. But you would never guess it by the way he acts. ❤



Now if you are part of the fandom you have seen this photo because truly there is only one Jem Corsairs and that is Anthony Neely. Like this kid. Perfection.




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