#WCW: Interview Style with Samantha Chase!

So tonight I have a lovely treat for you all! I want to introduce you to an amazing and sweet author who to me has the heart of gold. I got to meet Samantha Chase in March at the Authors in the City signing. She was such a doll to meet! I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down and read her books that I got yet though, but I have been stalking this woman for a while now! I think you all will love her as much as I do! 😀

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.


I’m Samantha Chase and I write contemporary romance – they’re fun, flirty, sweet and just a little bit sexy.  I’ve been writing forever but only started publishing in 2011.  Now I’m considered a hybrid author because I publish both traditionally and independently.  I’ve got two amazing sons – ages 24 & 16 – and I have been married to my very own knight in shining armor for 25 years.

 Now for the questions: What is your favorite novel you wrote? 

I know we’re not supposed to have favorites – and up until recently I couldn’t have picked one.  But now I can.  Lol!  Always My Girl – which comes out July 5th – is by far my favorite book.


Something about Quinn and Anna spoke to me from the first time I mentioned them in the first book in the Shaughnessy series, Made for Us.  I loved their dynamic and their bond.  For their story I got to unfold so many layers to them and I was able to convey a whole bunch of emotions that you don’t normally get with a couple who have just met.  Their struggles affected them on so many levels and it just made it an emotional roller coaster to tell their story and I love that!

You write both Series and Standalones, which is your favorite? 

I’m kind of torn on that!  I love a series because you get to keep checking in on your characters long after their story is over and see how they’re doing.  I know I enjoy that and I know readers do too.  But there is something to be said for a standalone.  I used to write whenever inspiration hit and I kind of liked getting a story down and enjoying it and moving on.  Sometimes that’s just it and I’m okay with it.  But for right now, I’m enjoying the series writing a little bit more.

What inspired you to write you first novel? 

I just always wanted to write.  Back when I was younger I would handwrite a story and then when we got our first computer, I would write down ideas and plots and whatnot.  But I have to say – and this isn’t very flattering – I sat down to write because I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to read!  We didn’t have a lot of money for me to spend on books and my local library didn’t stock a lot of romances and I felt like if I wanted to read a romance, I’d have to write it myself!  LOL!

Your covers are adorable! Who designs them?! 

There has been a few cover designers over the years.  The very first cover of Jordan’s Return (back in 2011) was done by one of my students from my creative writing class.  Then I was working with a designer who went on to become a bestselling author of historical romances – Christy Carlyle!  She did probably ten covers for me and then when I got signed by Sourcebooks, they took over my cover design on the traditional books and now I work with a fabulous cover artist who does my indie covers for me – Designs by Dana.  I have been very blessed with great artists who really listen to me and help me create fun and eye catching covers.  I have way more freedom with my indie covers and I think they reflect a little more of me in them – I get to pick the graphics and fonts.  I love that part!

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

I haven’t sat down and had time to really read in a long time.  I have found a lot of ‘new to me’ authors.  Not sure if that’s the same thing!  But I get to meet a lot of authors at signings and events and sometimes that’s more fun for me than reading.  GASP!  I know!  But there are too many awesome authors out there!

Give us some recommendations! 

Terri L. Austin.  She has an amazing trilogy – Beauty and the Brit – that I absolutely LOVE!  Seriously.  They’re very sexy and hot and just…I couldn’t put them down.  I encourage everyone to read them because I loved it so much.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!  Seriously, it is so humbling to know that people enjoy the stories that I write.  I never believed this would happen for me – it was just a crazy dream.  And now I get to live it and I get to meet people all over the world that I never would have known.  I’m thankful every day for each and every one of you!!


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