Writing Wednesday!

Alright guys here it is, my big secret for what my postings will be for on Wednesdays! So as you can see from the title today will now be deemed Writing Wednesday. What I am going to show you all are my writings from over the years. I’m going to start with a poem today.

This poem I wrote my senior year of college. It was one that I worked on a lot and still think it needs a lot of work, but let me know what ya’ll think! ❤


Red and blue lights blinked in front of me

as I stepped off the school bus.

Parents grabbed for their children.

Mommy usually waited for me every day,

but there was no one for me.


Neighbors gawked from across the street.

Strange people moved in and out of our house;

men in black uniforms lined the yard.

Some looked good with silver badges,

but others looked bad with guns on their belts.

My daddy was there with them,

his once pale skin turned crimson.

I let my backpack fall to the ground

and sprang toward him.


I wrapped my purple and blue polka dotted arms around his leg.

One of the bad men held his hands behind his back.

Something sparkled against his wrists.

Two men rolled a long black bag out of the house.

It was laid out across a metal X.

The white sheet left pink toe nails uncovered.

They reminded me of my mom.


Hands reached for me.

They tried to pull me away, but I held on tighter.

I looked up at Daddy’s face,

but his eyes were closed

and a smile lit across his face.

I remembered the caress of his knuckles

against my skin from that morning.

They couldn’t take me away,

he was my everything

and I was his Little Mama.


I had begged in my eight year old voice,

please don’t take him away from me.

Everyone had told lies.


He hadn’t looked at me then

and I can’t look at him now,

even with the glass between us.


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