Genre Thursday: New Adult

I’m super embarrassed by this because this post has literally been sitting in my drafts because I forgot to hit Publish last night -.-

Enjoy! ❤

So I want to talk to you all today about my new favorite genre, New Adult. Yes this is a romance genre, but it is more than that. This genre is in between the adult/fiction novels that you are forced to read in high school, and the young adult books you read until your taste grows stronger than that.

These books deal with life after college/ in college. I mean what girl, or boy, in their twenties, or older, wouldn’t love these books. Don’t let the fact that they have sex in them deter you from the fact that these characters are ones that you can relate to on a level that most of us couldn’t ever do before.

A few of my favorite authors from this genre include Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, and Stacy Kestwick. Now I know what you are thinking, OMG but there are so many more! Keep tuned in though every week because certain authors will be in certain categories, so watch out! ❤

So I want to give you all a look into the main novels for these authors too!

Jamie McGuire is ultimately known for Travis Maddox, because who would love themselves some travis in their lives. Jamie’s novels are not something like you’ve read before. Her characters suck you in and you feel bad, but also want to punch them in the face at the same time. You find yourself swooning then yelling. These novels are a rollercoaster of life and happiness that means pain. You’ll love them!


Colleen Hoover. God what can I say about her that isn’t uber flattering. This woman gives and gives and gives. She runs The Bookworm Box, which is an uber cool book box that I have shown you all before on my blog! All the proceeds go to charity, how cool is that?! Now for Colleen’s novels, that’s a different thing. He books rip you apart from the soul out, and then stitches you back together like nothing ever happened. Her newest novels It Ends With Us literally has the whole book world on edge and waiting for it. Check out this cover and tell me you don’t want to read this too?!


And lastly, but never the least is one woman who I have had the pleasure of having late night conversation with, the amazing Stacy Kestwick. I found Stacy’s first novel Wet last year while blogging and it truly was the best thing that ever happened to me. Through her novel I have read so many other new authors. He second book just released this year, Soaked, and trust me guys, these two book will have you eating out of the palm of Stacy’s hand. She will suck you in with doughnuts, Krispy Kreme to be precise, and then punch you in the gut with West. You won’t know what to do with yourself besides throw the book across the room. It’s worth every second of your life that it will consume :]

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