Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

So as you guys know, last night/this morning, was the release for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I went to a midnight release party last night at my local Barnes and Noble, and let me tell you, it was not at all organized, but it was kind of fun. I got some cool prizes for participating, and there were probably around 100-200 people there, a lot less than I expected, but the age group was very much a surprise. There were lots of kids there, a lot of whom I found out are just starting the series and a lot who have actually read them all.

I love that this series is going down to the next generation and being integrated into all of our lives in different ways. From living in Florida I have had the ability to go to Harry Potter World whenever I please, now a lot of other’s don’t have that option, but we do have Pottermore, the books, the movies, coloring books, games, toys, apps, so many different things to bring many different generations together.


So let’s get down to what this post is really about. This new freaking release. Who has bought this damn book already!? I was 12th in line last night, I fangirled so hard. Like look how pretty it is!



I got to the release party around 7 PM, brought my laptop, and just hung around. Each house had their won table with different things at each. At Ravenclaw there was trivia where you got a HP poster for participating. At Hufflepuff there was a word search, you either got a bookmark or a Fantastic Beasts sticker – I got both :]. At Gryffindor they didn’t have much but later in the night they had a guessing game for which annoying toys and foods either came from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes or Zonkos, you got a lightning bolt temporary tattoo. At Slytherin there was Orange Hot Chocolate, it was weird, I don’t recommend it.



Throughout the night there was face painting, sorting – where you got a house pin, wand making, trivia, costume contest, and story writing. All in all it was fun. I think the night could have been organized better, but I ended up with more than I expected. I have to say, tonight was also the first night of me seeing the new books covers, they look nice, but I prefer that old ones. Also, I almost slapped a child who said that the new covers were pieces of art, and the old covers were boring and ugly. ALMOST slapped her.


I’m hoping that you all have either gotten your book, or are going out this week to gather it. I’m a super horrible person and have read the last page and my head is like holy shit! But I have three books to finish this weekend so I’m having to wait, but guys this book is going to be epic!

P.s. – Umm… so there were some awesome cosplays last night, but I have to say Team Rocket was the BEST!



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