Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Downworlders

No when it comes to the Shadowhunter series we all love Shadowhunters, I mean they are why we read these books, but what some of us love more or equally as much, is the Downworlders.

Now there are many different kind of Downworlders, such as Warlocks, Vampires, Werewolves, and Faeries. My favorite by far are Warlocks, but let’s talk about my least favorite to my most favorite for this post!

First off is Werewolves. Yea you heard me right. I’m not a fan of werewolves in these novels. They always seem to be the butt of every damn joke, and truly have no major purpose in this novel, unless you count helping Simon. I love Jordan and Mia, but even their story line was super short lived. If Clare had made these stories more elaborate and actually let us see into the lives that are were wolves, I think I would have a better appreciation for them.

Second is the Faeries. I like the faeries more because we actually get to go into their world. We get to see into their world as well as get to see more of their characters. I LOVE the Seelie Queen. She has a special place in my heart, meaning that I love that she is a cold and manipulative little bitch. My favorite kind of person.

Third is the Vampires. My loves are Simon and Raphael. Like they go hand in hand. We wouldn’t have Raphael if Simon hadn’t been at that party, but we also would have the most awesome daylight, well only daylighter, if it wasn’t for Raphael. Even though vampires are normally in it for themselves, cough – Camille – cough, these two are the most selfless vampires I have ever read about and they make those Cullen’s look weak.

Lastly, and certainly not least we have our Warlocks. Now we truly wouldn’t have any of the other Downworlders if it wasn’t for them. I mean how much has Magnus Bane been a part of in this world that he has moved so many of these souls and brought so many of them back to life from the depths of hell when Shadowhunters were against them. Now, even though Magnus is my favorite Warlock, I do have a second favorite. Tessa. Her story is my everything. When I love most, just like Magnus, she is woven throughout everyone’s story even if you didn’t realize it. She cares the Herondale name. She makes it so Will can live on forever.

Even though these Downworlders don’t necessarily live in harmony, they live more comfortably together than with Shadowhunters. They live by certain laws, but at least they get to live without restrictions. They can enjoy their lives for what it is and don’t have to live for the Clave.

So which Downworlder is you favorite?



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