Shadowhunter Shenanigans: Season Two… Weightlifting…?

So because I am awesome I went searching for information for you guys on Season Two to see if anything had been released or snuck out into the world and then, omg it’s so bad, I stumbled upon a Season Two prep article on the Shadowhunter Show website… Yea no. I can’t take it seriously. I laughed through the whole article.

If you ant to see the full version go here:

But like no. It is literally an article of the cast prepping at the gym for the new season. I can’t any of the photos seriously because one shows them working out in socks. Um. NO. Stop showing me bodies half naked and now me substance. Like what the hell this new season will entail.

Like will it basically be book two? Will it be COMPLETELY new? Give me those answers. I do NOT want to see these characters shown off as sexy symbols. I may be in the minority here, but I am a true fan of this Fandom, and which they would treat it right instead of another Twilight fan craze.


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