Quote Saturday!

Words are funny things. Sometimes they make us happy and sometimes they make us sad, but no matter what these words stick with us and mold us. I love song lyrics, they are the words that you play over and over again to bring back all those amazing, and even sad times that have happened in your lives.

One my favorite songs from my favorite band has an amazing lyric that hopefully soon I’ll be able to get a tattoo of it, but for now I just get to stare at this amazing photo.


This lyric speaks to me on such a real level. This is how I live my life. I dance to my own beat even if there is no music. I love being my own person in my own world without any restrictions. This photo just says it all though. I’m extremely weird and if you’ve ever been around me you knows that I literally dance everywhere and anywhere. I have too much energy for my own good lol

P.s. – Lyrics is from The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

So what is one song or even just lyric that makes you move and makes you just be you?


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