Writing Wednesday!

I’m going to be real with you all here. This story sucks. This story is stupid. This is one I just wrote to write in college. It meant nothing to me. I experimented with different things, but didn’t like it. It’s not written well, but I mean it is something I wrote, so I wanted to share it with you all!

Calm and Collective

Aaron grabs Lily’s hand as they stand with her family in the Jaws line at Universal. They had decided to come on a day that wasn’t so packed; they hadn’t been there in months. Lily’s mother had thought that this would be a good time to come. Aaron having proposed to Lily only days ago and with the ride closing in a few days, they needed to have a little fun. The sound of children’s screams came from all around. The ringing bells of carnival games, someone had won. I smell of the water wafted through the air, and humidity casting perspiration across Aaron’s back.

Aaron wanted nothing more than this, a day to relax and not have to worry about anything. As the line moved closer to the front though a sinking feeling had finally set in. It wasn’t until now that Aaron remembered how bad it was to be going on this ride. Alexis, his ex, worked on it, and he didn’t want to have to deal with her.

“What’s wrong?” Lily’s eyes stared at him, she saw the worry on his face. She was the one that he could go to for anything, and even if he tried he couldn’t lie to her.

“Just hoping Alexis isn’t here today.” Aaron gave a grimaced look back to Lily. She gripped his hand tighter. The line moved forward inching closer to the boat dock.

“Don’t worry. I’m here.” Her smile relaxed Aaron to a certain extent. He played with the engagement ring on her finger, thinking about how different Lily was then Alexis.

“I’m so sorry, I guess I didn’t see where I was going.” Aaron picked up the girls phone off the ground. He couldn’t help but see part of the text that was on the screen, he looks so cute today. He looked up at her and could see a slight smile crossing her face. He smiled back at her handing her the phone.

“No, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have been watching where I was going.” They stood there silence awkwardly coming over them. “My name is Alexis by the way.”

She put her hand out then quickly bringing it back. Aaron could tell she was nervous, but what for.

“Aaron.” From what Aaron has already seen she probably already had some other guy in mind. “Well I have to be on my way. It was nice meeting you.”

“Wait.” She stood there in what looked like a panic. She wanted to say something, but didn’t know what. “Maybe we could go out for a cup of coffee one day?”

Surprise ran over Aaron’s face he didn’t expect her to be one to initiate a date. He didn’t know how to answer not wanting to seem to eager to say yes to such a beautiful girl.

“It is just that I have seen you around here a lot.” This caught Aaron off guard. Was this a set up, or just pure coincidence. “I mean not like I am stalking you or anything, just we walk by each other about the same time every day.”

He could see now how sincere she was in her gesture. He though that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to go on a date with her.

“Sure. When did you have in mind?” He smiled at her trying to make the situation more comfortable.

“How about now?” Aaron now knew that Alexis’ stumbling into him was no coincidence. She needed an excuse to stop him and ask him out, and he didn’t mind that. He hoped though that her nervousness didn’t go away; that was what he liked about her the most. Her uncertainty about herself.

“Sounds good, I know the perfect place.” Aaron turned around walking in the direction he had just come from leading the way. He noticed out of the corner of his eye, as Alexis followed, that she was frantic on her phone again. He was only able to make out the word date on the screen. He brushed it off, just an excited girl he thought, nothing more then that.

“Aaron, I think Alexis is here.” Aaron’s father’s voice echoed through the house.

Aaron propped up on his bed opening the blinds just enough to see that his father was right. Alexis’s car was parked across the street form their house. He checked his phone just in case maybe he missed something, but the screen only read 12:06.

“Did you let her in?” Aaron was already coming down the stairs when his father was opening the door. No one came in though. This confused Aaron even more. Where could she be?

“I’ll go get her.” Aaron and Alexis had been dating for almost three months now. Granted it had been going extremely fast, but he thought that was just Alexis’s style.

He came closer to the car. The lamp post didn’t show a figure. Cricket chirps filled the air. Something must have be wrong. Aaron’s heart raced skipping with every step. Where could she have gone, and at this time at night?

Aaron peered into the back of the car in shock he wanted to bang on the window. He moved further away though. Why would she be sleeping in the car? How long had she been out here? He knew this had finally gone too far. He could stand the constant want of attention, but stalking was too far.

Aaron looked at Lily snapping out of his trance. The sounds of kids screaming still filled the air. They were still waiting in line with her smile glistening at him. She pulled him closer.

“I love you.” She whispered into his chest. How could he have gotten so lucky with a girl like her. She always knew how to surprise him. He couldn’t help remembering the one moment in their relationship where he had almost thought she was going to be like Alexis.

“Aaron I think we have a problem again.” Aaron peeked out the window to see Lily’s car in front of his house. It was almost midnight, and this couldn’t be happening again. Aaron popped out of bed heading down stairs he was going to end this madness right now. He didn’t need someone being like Alexis again.

When he reached Lily’s car she was no where to be found. Searching in the bushes he found nothing, so he walked back towards the house. He could see no shadows down the road there was no noise in the night, it was too quiet.

“She isn’t out there dad.” Silence welcomed him when he finally came back inside. The Television that his father had had on was now off. The dogs were no where to be seen, what was going on? His father had just been there a few seconds ago.

Aaron made his way through the house with no success, and he turned the corner into the kitchen. A cake sat on the counter; it hadn’t been there earlier. He came closer to the cake to see ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it.

“Surprise.” A voice came from behind Aaron.

Aaron turned around to see Lily standing there, a smile came across his face. Lily placed the candles on the cake while Aaron watched her. She was putting a perfect twenty candles on it. The fact that she remembered it was his birthday tomorrow baffled him. He picked up a lighter helping her light them.

“You still have one minute.” They both watched the clock, anticipating for when it reached midnight. This was not something he was expecting from Lily; they had only been dating for so long and already he was falling for her. It was an amazing surprise though. Maybe she was going to be the one for Aaron, but at least that is what he hoped for.

Alexis had messaged Aaron only a week ago after finding out about the engagement. She wanted to see him and see how things were going, but Aaron knew better. Politely declining he thought he was in the clear until Alexis kept calling every night. He had told Lily about the constant texts and nagging, but she didn’t seem to mind so much. She seemed calm about everything offering the advice on just ignoring her as much as possible. It wasn’t until Aaron had finally had enough of this patronizing though that he finally answered.

“What do you want?” His tone was harsh. He had had enough of Alexis’s games, he didn’t want to be with her again and never would.

When they were dating she had become clingy; sleeping in her car, at least twenty calls a day, and if no answers then a text following each call. Even after he broke up with her it was weird. When he started to date Lily Alexis still came around the house, her parents having become friends with Aaron’s. At first Lily was uncomfortable, but his parents had talked to Alexis about maybe seeing her parents not around the house. That maybe she should stay away from Aaron for a while. He hadn’t heard from Alexis for years until now since that talk, and he didn’t want things to get out of hand again.

“I just want to talk to you.” Her voice sounded desperate like she needed to have Aaron back in her life.

“You never just want to talk. Please just leave me alone.” Urgency came through his voice. Aaron wanted nothing more then to just hang up the phone. He moved around Lily’s room; he had been living there for the past few months. He thought just maybe letting her talk this once she would be gone from his life forever.

“I just want to show you how much I still love you. I need you to know that Lily isn’t your only option. You could still have me.” Alexis didn’t give him any time to respond to this ultimatum. The line went dead, and silence filling his ears. He looked up to see Lily standing in the doorway of her room.

Aaron didn’t know what to make of her statement that night Alexis had call, and he didn’t know what he would say to Alexis if he saw her today. Lily had been very understanding about why I answered. Offering herself as a shoulder I could vent upon. She had stayed quiet the whole time making the air thick but the smile that crossed her face once I was done set me at ease. They were standing in the boat lines, and the next one coming over to them. The driver of the boat had their back turned toward them, he could see the long dirty blonde hair, and her 5’7 stature. Then woman turned around and Alexis’ smirk greeted them.

“Come on.” Lily’s smile made him feel uneasy. Maybe for once Stepping onto the ride we were in the front row.

“Hey everybody and welcome to Captain Jakes Amity Boat Tours. Were the best and only scenic cruse on the island. My name is Alexis and I’ll be your skipper today.” She looked directly at Aaron when saying this. As she started the boat he noticed a slight wink put forth towards him. He grabbed Lily’s hand tighter both of them being quiet through the whole ride. The ride seemed to last forever Alexis looking back in their direction every chance she could. The park had amped the ride up for the final week, and leaving them soaked head from head to toe by the end when they pulled back up to the dock.

“Once again my name is Alexis and on behalf off Captain Jake and universal Orlando I want to thank you all for helping capture the menace Jaws!” The bar beside on the boat letting them escape back into the chaos of the park. Lily’s family had already stepped off the boat and as Aaron did a hand stopped him mid step. He turned around as Alexis stood there smiling.

“Where you going so fast?” Lily stood behind her, but there was something in her eye that Aaron wasn’t so sure of. The moment seemed to last forever; Aaron was frozen in shock at Alexis’ audacity.

“Leave us alone.” Lily’s voice piped up her hand grabbing Alexis’ wrist. Her arm turning red from how hard Lily was holding her. She yanked her away form Aaron, and only slightly pushed her back to her position on the boat. “Don’t ever contact him again.”

Lily released Alexis stepping past her. Aaron grabbed Lily’s hand helping her up as they left Alexis in shock. Aaron felt relief come over him and he held onto Lily tighter, with a smile on both of their faces. Nothing else seemed to matter now; he would never see Alexis again. His fiance was one of the most understanding people, and was there with him through it all. That was all Aaron could ask for.


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