Royal Prick by J.L. Beck – Review

Royal Prick by J.L. Beck


Purchased: Kindle – $.99

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


What’s It All About:

He was wearing the blood of his enemies as if to prove a point. Fuck with what is mine and you will pay in blood.” 

Royal Prick is a 90k words plus STANDALONE novel with an HEA. There is NO cheating. Just plenty of over the top Alpha maleness, as well as swoon worthy, melt your panties off romance. Adult themes are woven throughout the story so please only read if you’re 18+ due to violence, language, and sexual themes. 

Royal is a prick.

A sexy as hell prick. 

The I need and want to screw you right now kind of prick. 

The arrogant, I can do and f*ck whoever I want to type.

He’s so self-entitled that I want to punch him in the face, yet kiss him at the same time. 

I hate him but at the same time, still want him. 

A darkness surrounds him. He has secrets. 

For instance where he sneaks off to almost every night. 

He’ll break my heart and my headboard if let him. 

I wanted Royal, but could I handle his darkness?

Description taken from Amazon.

The Best Parts:

This story is intriguing just from the description, but that’s because I love step-brother romances. And this one is set up a little bit different, because Royal knows right off the bat that he can’t have his girl, but she just can’t seem to understand that.

The tension makes this book, and that is mainly what this story is about. The push and the pull between Royal and Noelle, now this sin’t a bad thing because it benefits them more then it hinders their relationship. This story is about accepting that in some people’s eyes you may be bad, but then there are others who will always see the good in you.

Royal is your typical bad boy and Noelle is your typical good girl, the perfect couple.

The Worst Parts:

Now I do have to say that my one issues with this book did put a hinder on my reading it, at first I was just like nah, my mind is going crazy, and then it happened again, and again. The Sex. Yes you heard me, I had a problem with the sex. It seemed that every damn time Royal and Noelle had sex their parents were still in the house, when it was at her house, when it was at his house, every damn time. Like people can hear that, and it never mentioned that the parents left, nope, and they weren’t quiet either. I mean my parents were not all up in my sex life, but they sure as hell didn’t want to hear that shit.

Now this may not effect other readers, but in my thought process something should have been said or they should have made mention to keep quiet, just to give a little justice to the scene, rather than just going at it like two horny rabbits.

Final Thoughts:

I truly did like this book. I loved the layout and setup of it, and it was fun and enjoyable to read. Royal’s attitude kept you on your toes and Noelle’s naiveté kept you reading just so you could figure out the good she saw in Royal.


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