Perfectly Posh – Sold by Erin Brouillard

Hey Everyone! This post is a little different from my previous ones, but I have a friend who is selling Perfectly Posh and was able to give me some samples so that I could share them with you!


I’m going to go through each product and let you know my thoughts on it!

The Detox Body Mud Stripper:

This product is amazing to use. It leaves your skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. The mud feels great on your skin and rubs in smooth and cleans off easily as well.


The You had me at Aloha:

This body scrub is definitely something I need more of. It was’t just the smell of it, but the feeling too. You don’t need a whole lot to work the areas you need to scrub, and the product doesn’t leave you skin feeling dry like most body scrubs, which was a relief.

The Beach Blanket:

This is a hand creme that works great after doing your morning routine or right before you go to bed. Your hands stay moisturized for hours, and you don’t need a lot to be able to get the results you want with soft hands.

The Go West Face Mask:

I put this face mask on before heading to bed so that I could relax a little, and boy did it work. The scent from this mask was soothing and the feel of the mask was exfoliating, but smooth at the same time. It was easy to wash off and the scent seemed to stay for a while too which was great.

The Sweet Breeze Snarky Bar:

This bar is BAE. Seriously. It’s an exfoliant in a bar. It smells fantastic, and by that I meant when you use it the scent gets strong and just makes you feel more relaxed. The exfoliation I found is great for arms and legs. The suds from the bar add to the love for this as it cleans and exfoliates at the same time.

The You Go, Coco! :

This bath bar I found is great to use for your hands and to have next to your sink. There aren’t much suds, but a creamy bath finish. The scent is fresh, but not as strong as I would like in a bath bar, but the scent was still nice.

The Moisturize 911 Face Creme:

This stuff is a need to buy. It makes your skin look radiant and doesn’t leave your skin sticky, but smooth. I made sure to rub the left over on my hands and it left the same radiant glow. I found it best to use in the morning after waking up, makes you feel ready to take on the world.

The BFF Exfoliating Face Wash:

This exfoliating face wash had some grit to sit, but it seemed to make the product work better and get down into your pores. It is recommended to work with the Moisturize 911, but I decided not to because it doesn’t leave your face dry which is nice for a face exfoliant.


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