Dream State by Amy Briggs – Review

Dream State by Amy Briggs

Purchased: Kindle – Pre-Order – $1.99 – Release April 27, 2017

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

What’s It All About:

“Jacob McIntyre sleeps the days away, while working nights as a Physician’s Assistant at the local hospital. Since his divorce, he’s been without emotion or purpose other than his work, until the night she’s brought in. With no identification, and no apparent medical reasons for her unconsciousness, he can’t deny the pull to her, even once she’s no longer under his care.

Nicknamed Snow White by the hospital staff, she longs to be awakened but no one can hear her. As he fights to find a cure, will his devotion to a woman he doesn’t even know awaken his own heart?

Find out if true love’s kiss really can stop the sleeping curse in Dream State.”

Description taken from Amazon.


If you want a book that is sweet in the best ways possible then Dream State is it. This book is a quick read that will have you swooning and racing towards the end just to find out what happened. I love books like this because there are no expectations, just a simple and honest to god amazing story. This is the type of book you can sit down in one sitting and can binge through it and just feel completely sated.

The characters are wonderful and it is such a new concept to be able to see them together but not at the same time. This story is based off of Snow White, and my goodness does it make you feel like fairytales are real and that there is a prince charming out there for you too.

I recommend this book to anyone who just wants to read a pure romance, not all the sexiness, but the purest form of romance. How two people fall in love under the weirdest circumstances, how love can triumph all, how even when you think there is darkness, there is only light.


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