Royal Protection by Amy Briggs and Jess Epps – Review

Royal Protection by Amy Briggs and Jess Epps

Purchased: Kindle – $3.99

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

What’s It All About:

“Miranda Royal, lead singer and songwriter of the band Little Queens, is about to headline her first tour with her sister Carmen, the drummer, and their bandmates. While being on the road is no new thing for them, the threatening letters Miranda has been receiving are coming more regularly and reach her in almost every city they perform. Focusing solely on the tour, Miranda tries to avoid everything but the performances and publicity the band needs to keep their dream alive.

Until Ryan King joins the tour.

Ryan King, Army Ranger turned personal security to the elite, has been hired by the Little Queens’ manager and father to protect Miranda while they’re out on tour. An unorthodox request combined with her adamant refusal to have personal security means Ryan has to go undercover as a writer for a popular rock magazine against his better judgement.

As he tries to find the stalker and grows closer to Miranda, he fights his overwhelming attraction to her, afraid it will impact her safety. Will one wrong move cause everything the Little Queens have worked for to come crashing down?”

Description taken from Amazon.


Rock music, hot girls, and a hot body guard, what more could you want from a book? Royal Protection makes an entry into the book world with a bang. This book is sexy and has all the right kind of drama. Because sometimes it’s not always the boy you argue with, but family.

Ryan is to die for, and his attraction to Miranda sets the pages on fire. His breaking point is what makes this book for me. I found myself clinging to his chapters, and I think that was because Ryan was set up perfectly, and characterized to make the audience love him. What was a little frustrating for me was that I didn’t have this kind of connection with Miranda though. You got to hear what she was like on tour, but was only told other things she liked. We didn’t get to see her unfold like we did with Ryan, and I think that’s what held back my love for her.

Her sister Carmen though. YES. This woman is a firecracker who screams off the page.  All three of them together is an explosive relationship of fun and crazy antics that makes you wish you were on tour with them.

All around this book had an amazing set up that will leave you swooning and wanting more. I can’t wait to see what comes next for the Little Queens!


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