Paperless Post Invitations

I am a huge fan of snail mail, mostly because I have too many emails as it is. But, there comes a time when the post office just seems to damage letters, lose them, deliver them to the wrong address and the stress just isn’t worth it. That’s when I found Paperless Post.

Paperless Post is a service that allows you to send customer invitations and letters to everyone you know, simply by sending it to their email.

You are able to customize what kind of invitation you would like, as well as verbiage, font, style, colors, backgrounds, envelopes, and yes, there is even postage on the letters.

Here is a step by step of what you are looking at when you head into Paperless Post!

Choose what kind of invitation you would like to work with:

Then you are able to choose the design you want to work with:

Once you have chosen your design you are able to work within this design to choose the background you wish your viewers to see, the text on the front, the style and size of the text. See the differences?


Once you have created your invitation next is the envelope. For the envelopes you are able to change the text one the front for the recipients name, the lines and the color of the envelope. Lastly you’ll be able to choose that stamp you put on it too!

Once your invitation is complete you are able to enter your details, such as host name, event venue, location, you can include a map also.Date, time, your phone number, and you can even add a registry! Once you have all the correct information filled out it’s now to to she sit out to your guests.

Now, depending on how fancy you got depends on how much each invitation will cost when using Paperless Post. The invitation I have about costs 6 coins a piece. That means for every sender it cost 6 coins. You are able to purchase coins in order to send out these invitations. Say I needed to send out 10 invitations, that’s 60 coins, which would only cost $14, which is WAY cheaper than buying stamps from the post office, PLUS everything else you would need for the invitations.

Once you’ve set up who you want to send the invitations out to, just add the emails and you can even send a personalized message with it and then wait! The waiting part I think is the best because the website shows once the invitations are sent it tracks them for you! CRAZY, RIGHT?!

The website will tell you if someone has opened the invitation and what their status is, is they are attending or not. It’s pretty cool to see it in real time, rather then waiting to go to the post office, sending it off and then waiting again for the person to get it, fill out the RSVP and then waiting yet AGAIN to send it back!

I know this is the day and age for digital, but when it comes to things that are a little bit more time sensitive I say definitely go with Paperless Post!

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