The Tycoon’s Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire #1) by Melody Anne


Purchased: Kindle – Free
My Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


What’s it all about?
A poor boy falls for the rich girl, but when their lives get turned around and the hard working woman is still in love with the poor boy that became a tycoon nothing will ever be the same for them again. When Derek and Jasmine fell in love so young, neither one of them would have thought that ten years later after every thing they went through they would be shoved into each other’s lives, especially with so many lies and secrets between their families. With the plot line of miscommunication and the undeniable love form a first love, this novel sets the story of learning to trust and forgive.

The Best Parts:
I was very skeptical of this novel when I started it, but by the end of the novel I was enthralled with the characters. There wasn’t much besides Jasmine and Derek in the first part of the novel, and I think that’s what was missing is the connection to other people. Cue in Drew, Ryan, and Jacob, and you have yourself a real story with true struggles of friendship and love and family. I loved the sex scenes between Derek and Jasmine, granted the office one was hot, the ones in their home are ten times better because it wasn’t rushed and actually focused on their feelings towards each other. One thing that did set me off about the sex though once Jasmine’s son was introduced to Derek was that he cared so much for the boy, but not when it came to sex. He didn’t care if he was in the house or not. If he wanted it he got it, just seemed odd to me.

The Worst Parts:
The plot line seemed nieve and predictable. I writing style of the author didn’t help either. It was a third person with the focus on Derek and Jasmine shifting from paragraph to paragraph. It was confusing to read at times, but as the novel went further on, there was a shift in the writing style and the third person stayed more constant based on chapters. The only other thing I had a problem with was the constant push forward in time without warning. There wasn’t proper paragraph breaks which cause confusion, and the simplicity of on paragraph it’s one time, then we fast forward a few hours or even days some times. For such short a novel it went through a few days the first half of the book, and a month in the last half.

Final thoughts …
For this book being free on kindle I was surprisingly shocked that I ended up liking it so much. Granted it was like very other billionaire romance novels out there, but there seemed to be something else that kept this book going along, and that was a plot. Most romance novels focus on a lot of sex now a days, rather than the tension and the foreplay that this novel displayed.


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